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Hello and welcome to my site! I made this site for only one reason. To let my family and other computer savy friends know that I'm as computer smart as them. You hear that guys! I MADE THIS SITE!!!!! Sorry, it's a habit to rub things in my friends face. ;-) I hope you all can benefit from this site in knowing that there is other people in this world that are obbsessed with Logan/Wolverine, Ricky Martin music, Mythology, and other stuff that you'll read on my hobbies and interests page. Then again, it might not benefit you and just make you creeped out. Go ahead and wander around the site and learn more about me. then again you could just go to another site if you don't care about any of this.

lunar phases


This is a picture of me at Christmas this year. I'm wearing all my favorite clothes that make me look cool!


My Da Da
Title Explanation

The only reason I say that Logan/Wolverine is my dad is because if you met me in person, you would think I am almost campatable to him. I'm short tempered and loose my cool very often. Sometimes people say I would be perfect for being his daughter. If only I had the cool Adanamantium claws coming out of my knuckles. That would be cool!

Also I don't know if I should tell anyone this, but I kindof have super sences like Logan. One time while I was at school, two periods before lunch, I smelt french fries coming from the lunch room. the only thing was that the Lunch Room was all the way on the other side of the school from my 3rd period class! I asked other people if they smelled it, but they said no.
Also this one time, I was in my room and I was supposed to do my homework, but I was on the computer playing. I heard my mom walking to my room and I stopped what I was doing and started to do my homework. It sounded like she was coming in fast so I expected her to be there in not even a minute. 2 minutes later ( I have a big house ) she barged in and started getting on my tail about not doing my homework. I asked her where she was 2 minutes before she came in and she said on her way from across the house. i think that's kindof spooky don't you?

Born and Raised beside my dad. Never will I be the same again.